Fashion & Accessories

The origin of these much revised artworks was a series of commissions from Neiman Marcus and Textile View Magazine. Over the period of one year, I provided numerous drawings of luxury items, designer clothing and accessories for all ten issues of the Neiman Marcus customer magazine The Book. Also shown in this selection are a few promotional pieces for Neiman's menswear, women's shoes and jewellery. The Textile View drawings were commissioned by forecasting expert Sandy Maclennan and formed part of a ten page feature about menswear fabric trends.

Paul Wearing: Perfume Promotion

Paul Wearing: Womenswear

Paul Wearing: Women's Shoes

Paul Wearing: Menswear Tailoring

Paul Wearing: Prada Shoes for Men

Paul Wearing: Menswear

Paul Wearing: Jewellery

Paul Wearing: Dematerialised. Textile View

Paul Wearing: Airconditioned Textile View